Tips on Choosing a Social Media Manager in 2021

What if you were told social media for business is just as necessary as any monthly utility? Would you agree? The fact is: that statement couldn’t be more true. Social media has emerged no longer as a service you can choose to opt-into or not, but something a business should always have running in the background. 

Like water taking the path of least resistance, humans will do the same in order to communicate, and this is where social media shines. When the pandemic limited in-person contact, people moved onto social media leaving business owners and customers heavily reliant on technology to communicate. This massive shift in our world forced many businesses out of their comfort zones and into the online world.

The power of social media was clear before COVID-19 rocked our world. Those who adopted it could do their own marketing and customers flocked to support them. Curating a social media presence tells your audience you are modern, technologically literate, and conscious of your public perception. As a business owner, it can be invaluable to discover what customers love and what they hate about your brand. The industry calls this social listening and by implementing lessons learned from social media, businesses can begin to humanize their brands. Showing up where your customers already are builds a strong community and top of mind recognition. 

Oftentimes, when business owners juggle social media and their normal operations, they don’t get satisfactory results online and subsequently blame it on the platforms. If this has been you or someone you know, it should be clear that it’s time to hire a professional. The caveat here is there are many experts who’ve emerged in the field and each arrived by different paths. This disparity means pricing and scope of services will vary, which can make it seem difficult to find the right firm to work with. 

Social Visibility has compiled suggestions to help you find the right social media manager. Firstly, treat the process like hiring any other contractor: read reviews, get quotes, discuss packages, and look at samples. During this time, take note of your rapport with the consultant. You will regularly be in contact, so an easy relationship with him or her is a fundamental key to success. Stick to your budget, hire your top choice for at least three months, and evaluate the work at the end of the trial period. If it wasn’t the right fit, waste no time in starting your search again because now you will possess the ability to better manage expectations. Do remember: social media is inherently fun so this is something you should enjoy working on and watching it grow. The benefits are endless, so don’t wait to find the right fit for you.

Our social media management agency opened in October 2020 with offices in West Palm Beach. We are a small and nimble firm who aid businesses in strategically maintaining a social media presence. In this modern age, we take pride in blurring the line between managers and tech support for our clients. If you are interested in setting up an introductory call with a managing partner, please email [email protected]